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Anna Maria Island

simply organized services

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Everything Sale

It can be overwhelming to think of an entire lifetime of belongings. Let me take the stress out of your hands in this time.  I leave your home empty and broom swept in one short week.  

Organized Unpacking

Let Simply Organized get you unpacked and moved in.  Not only do boxes get emptied but your home is ready for your daily life right when you arrive.  

Home Organization
Organization is harmony within the home.  It brings a peace to everyday life.  Simply Organized will implement a customized solution that is functional and easily maintained. 

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simply organized projects

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Lyndie Parks
Professional Organizer

Raised in rural Wyoming riding horses and playing basketball.

Spent the summers with grandparents, making everything sales particularly special to my heart.  Captain of my college basketball team.  Backpacked through more than 20 countries in my 20's.  Never starts or ends a day without my chamomile tea and honey.  Always inspired by my husband, a college basketball coach.  Loves a good pair of jeans and a pair of Jordans, although you can usually find me in Birkenstock's on a beach cruiser.  Holds a Masters in Communication from Gonzaga University.  Can't stand scary movies or even the previews for that matter.  Never passes up a walk on the white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island.   A serious eye for detail making home organization a love from the very beginning.   Obsessed with sweet tea and charcuterie boards.  Loves a trend but believes that individuality is best expressed when staying true to your personal style.  Mom to two sweet, energetic boys and one warrior princess.

Finds peace in helping others become Simply Organized.

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simply organized promise

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