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Everything but the House Sale

Feeling overwhelmed with an entire home filled with belongings?  Ready for Simply Organized to get the house emptied and ready for its next opportunity?  Let me bring peace to you in this trust based business.  I perform a walk through of the home, send you the sentimental items, have a home transition sale, and leave it completely empty all in one short week.  Allowing you to enjoy and move forward comfortably with the next opportunity.  I show great compassion and care with my Everything Sales.  This way you can have peace of mind knowing that your items are being cared for properly. 


The Process

1. FREE Consultation

Let's connect over the phone, video, or in person.  With a quick walk through of the home I will better be able to assess your needs and answer any questions. Plus give you a quote for my services.

2. Peaceful Transition

During the walk through we will discuss any sentimental items or belongings that need to be shipped to you. 

3. Clear All

In one week your house is completely emptied

Mon & Tues: pricing

Wed & Thurs: pictures & advertising

Fri & Sat: Everything Sale

Sun: haulaway & emptied

4. Payment

After the sale I deduct business expenses and send you the proceeds.

5. Tranquility

The house is now ready for its next adventure.

The Vision

To make every day life calm and untroubled 

Let me take the exhaustion out of travel, the challenges out of a sale, and add harmony to such a big transition.  I work as a trust based company.  You trust that I will empty your home the way that I would empty my own.  And that is exactly what I do.  I take great care in sending all important paperwork, cash, and unknown hidden treasures straight to you.  I truly care about the memories and impact that items can have on people and I am here to add peace to this transition.

The goal of a everything sale is to get your sentimental items out and get the house ready for its next adventure. 

This is not an estate sale.  I don't have an inventory list of items and if there are valuables that you don't want to get yard sale prices for you will need to sell them on your own.   Great news though: I will box, pack, and ship anything you would like.  During our walk through I will give you a ball park on how much you will net per room.  Remember I am here to work for you, to make your life easier, and to make this transition a bit more peaceful.  After the everything sale, business expenses including supplies for sale, newspaper ads, and haul-away costs will be deducted from proceeds, the rest will be sent straight to you.  Simple and organized that's how I work. 

Simply Organized will have your house emptied and ready for its next opportunity in one short week!


Lyndie Parks is a professional

organizer proudly serving

- Anna Maria Island - Bradenton - Lakewood Ranch - Sarasota - Palmetto - Long Boat Key - Siesta Key-

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simply organized promise

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